Why I want to make a video for Tell Me Do

Music is a true love of mine and I am very happy to be sharing some of mine with you now in this project. I have been writing, singing and performing songs since high school, songs inspired by my life as well as by my work— I divorce people for a living!

My work has taught me about the true meaning of love. Love is about how you feel inside yourself each day, what you create in the space you inhabit, what you want to make of your life in the time you have, and what you want to share with others— whether your children, family, friends, co-workers, or strangers you meet who could, after all, become friends, or family in time.

When you contemplate these questions, what do you come up with? I came up with the idea to make a music video for Tell Me Do.

When I played the song at a club right after I wrote it, I felt something magical as I watched people in the audience responding to the music. Their enjoyment and pleasure inspired me to make this music video, and with your help it can happen.

The music video will add elements of visual beauty, art and dance through the work of choreographer/art director Cati Jean and cinematographer Birgit Rudel. I feel honored and very excited to have the opportunity to work with each of these wonderfully talented artists. Birgit has an amazing eye for sumptuous beauty in film, video and photography, and Cati’s creative energy and multi-faceted expertise guarantees an exciting result.

This project is important to me because I have struggled all my life with self-doubt and fear stemming from having grown up in a household under the constant threat of, and acts of, domestic violence, physical, mental and emotional. I did not quite realize how much that background limited my horizons until I decided last year to re-commit myself to making music, something I started in my teens as a self-taught guitarist and singer/songwriter. When I began learning to read music and to play the piano in group classes at Santa Monica College, I found I had to pick up where I left off emotionally as a teen. For this reason, I am dedicating Tell Me Do to women and children who have survived domestic violence, and to those who love them.

To help bring this project to fruition, I founded All-In-Love.Org, a nonprofit corporation helping women and children who are leaving or changing violent family relationships, and adults who suffered from abuse in childhood, to move from surviving to thriving in their lives. The  mission is simple: to help you feel good so you can live the life you want to be living.

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