My Campaigns

One of my musical goals is to raise funds to make a music video for my song Tell Me Do.  (read more). I didn’t raise the funds I was aiming for in my Indiegogo campaign in late 2013, and this project is now on a back burner. Currently I am putting more energy into the Sing it Out Loud! program, and you are welcome to contribute to it by using the donation buttons on this page. For more information about the Sing It Out Loud! program, click here.

Support All-In-Love.Org’s “Sing It Out Loud!” Campaign or contribute to the General Fund

All donations are tax deductible through Media Alliance.

If you’d like to donate a different amount, please contact Tracy Rosenberg at Media Alliance:
510-832-9000 or

Double Your Money!

Many companies match employee charitable contributions.  Please check with your Human Resources department or contact me to find out how. It would be wonderful if your $20 became $40— or your $250 became $500—to help deliver services via the Sing It Out Loud! program through All-In-Love.Org.